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The Iguazu Falls are in the border between Argentina and Brazil, they are formed on the Iguazu River which ends at the Parana River, few kilometers downstream, uniting three different cultures with Paraguay. We are less than two hours from: Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo so once wading around this part of the planet you should contact us for a wonderfull trip. Please spent at least two days here to visit our office. Is as we tour guides call the Iguazu Falls, we will be delighted doing that with you. Enjoy natural landscapes, wildlife, appreciate the argentine wine with an amazing barbecue. Learn with us, breath a different atmosphere and keep your way, renewed and full of good memories. Contact us now: iguazufallstourguide@gmail.com WhatsApp +554599998881 Sincerely, iguazufallstourguide team

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Rua Coronel Caetano Rocha, 347

Vila Yolanda.

Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná. Brazil.



WhatsApp: +5545999988881